Kids Long Sleeved MTB Jerseys

Kids Long Sleeved MTB Jerseys

Kids Long Sleeved MTB Jerseys Range

Shop our steezy kids long sleeve MTB jerseys and get respect when you ride. With a full range of sizes for youth and kids, this durable bike jersey is designed for you, the sendiest kid in town. Buy in a range of colours to suit your mood and be assured that the fit is just right for getting downhill with ease on your mountain bike. With long sleeves on this bike jersey for extra protection, you can send it looooong with confidence. Read More

MTB Long Sleeved Jersey For Kids From Sendy Gear

You don’t just want to look good while you send it—you want to feel and smell good too. That’s why our kids MTB jerseys are made from a combination of anti-fungal fabric and dry wick. Stylish enough to ride with swag, tough enough to take the hardest fall, and practical enough to carry whatever extras you might have along with you.

Sendy Gear is known as Australia’s premium designers and producers of MTB gear and MTB clothes for kids and youth and our kids MTB long sleeved jerseys are one of our most popular products. That’s little wonder, given that we have spent years coming up with the most epic designs to ensure ultimate comfort, protection and style.

Long Sleeved Kids MTB Jerseys - Eye-Catching, Comfortable Gear

When you’re out and about on the trails, you don’t want to just look like a great rider, but an excellent dresser too. With our range of MTB jerseys, you can choose a bunch to suit your different moods. Our gear has been tried and tested in Thredbo’s Snowy Mountains, Australia’s choice destination for hiking, biking and skiing. So you know that when you buy kids MTB long sleeved jersey in Australia from Sendy Gear, that you’re getting it from a place that has put in many practical years of testing it out where it belongs: the outdoors.

So whether you’re looking to go sleek and simple with a print like Neon Punch or you reckon you’ve got the confidence to really pull off the Peaky style, we’ve got the high quality long sleeved jersey you’re after.

All of our long sleeve mountain bike jerseys have been made with the rider in mind and that means keeping you as comfortable as possible out on the trails. You can look forward to feeling the breeze on your skin when you send it with breathable material that has moisture-wicking and made from anti-fungal fabric. The rear pocket also means you can take along your phone, lift-pass, cards or snacks in a practical and comfortable way.

What’s more, is that the long sleeves keep your arms from burning under the hot Australian sun, they protect you from vegetation scratches and are an added layer of protection should you take a spill.

At Sendy Gear, the environment is at the heart of everything that we do, so when we design our jerseys, it’s not just the technical aspects that are important—but how we source the material too. In our quest to leave as small a footprint behind as possible, we strive to only work with like-minded companies that are ‘green’ certified. We are dedicated to protecting our planet and preserving the mountains, forests, rivers, and trails that have brought us so much joy over the years.

Sendy Gear - One Stop Shop For Long Sleeved MTB Jerseys 

Why buy your kids MTB long sleeve jersey from Sendy Gear? Well, you know with us that all of our products have been tested on the vast and varying terrain of Thredbo. Everything has been put through its pace shredding stunning summer trails throughout the mountains. We’re as passionate about the outdoors as you are and we only sell products that we love to use too.

At Sendy Gear, you have a lot more to look forward to! While we have the best kids long sleeve MTB jerseys in Australia, we also stock a whole host of other awesome MTB kits like kids MTB shorts, kids MTB jerseys and shirts and protective gear, such as kids MTB gloves. Shop with us today and take on those trails with renewed confidence. Read Less