Kids MTB Gloves

Kids MTB Gloves

Kids MTB gloves from Sendy are full fingered with a 2 way stretch for the perfect fit. Available in kids and youth sizes, these super strength mountain bike gloves help you shred downhill, and can be worn for extra steeze cycling the crazy shortcut home from school. Get your bike gloves on, we are going to send it! Read More

Kids Mountain Bike Glove Range

Your kids can have the best time on their bike and whether they enjoy tearing up the trails or just riding their bike to school, equipping them with the best gear can ensure they remain safe and comfortable.

At Sendy Gear, we have kids’ MTB gloves that are designed to fit their smaller hands with both kids and youth sizes available. Our fully-fingered give your kids the ultimate protection when they are on their bike. With a range of designs and colours, your kids are sure to find one that they love.

Kids’ MTB Gloves – Designed to Fit Smaller Hands

If you are searching for the best kids’ MTB gloves, look no further. Not only are our gloves designed to protect, but they are also designed to be durable. We know how kids like to put our products fully to the test, but you can be confident that ours are well-made and strong.

Our great range of MTB gloves for kids will give your kids an excellent grip on their handlebars. They feature a 2-way stretch and velcro adjustment for a great fit. With a single layer durable leather palm, they will have all the grip they need, even when shredding down the mountain trails at speed.

They are also smartphone compatible with CONNECTaGLOVE conductive threads on the index finger and thumb so that they can still use their devices while wearing them.

When mountain biking, some accidents are unavoidable, and they are all part of the experience. With kids’ mountain bike gloves, they will have further protection from the undergrowth and any crashes from their bike.

When the weather gets cooler, your kids will still be able to enjoy riding their bike when wearing our gloves without the uncomfortable feeling of cold hands that can also compromise their grip on the handlebars.

Enjoy Mountain Biking to the Full with Sendy Gear's Kids & Youths MTB Gloves

Our kids’ MTB gloves are designed in south-eastern Australia in the Thredbo mountain area. Our love for the great outdoors has inspired us to create a range specifically for kids that is high quality and affordable.

We want to see kids enjoying the outdoors, and our tough and technical gear will allow them to enjoy it to the full. You can also purchase a matching pair of Mountain bike gloves for yourself and enjoy riding with your little ones.

Our products are all responsibly sourced, and we work with manufacturers who follow guidelines and regulations to maintain their green and eco-friendly accreditations. We also do all that we can do be eco-friendly when we send you your MTB gear. This includes ‘Real Dirt Bags, which are fully compostable so that we are not littering the Earth with more plastic packaging.

For every 1% of each purchase, we put it back into mountain biking by creating more epic trails for kids and adults alike to enjoy. If your area could benefit from this, email us, and let us know why. We love helping local communities.

Get your kids’ mountain bike gloves from us today to protect their hands and the world that we live in. At Sendy Gear, You will also find kids MTB clothing including kids MTB jerseys, kids MTB shorts & accessories such as hydration backpacks for kids & even more. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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