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Our MTB Tips for Beginners

The vast majority would agree that when it comes to mastering new skills and perfecting your technique, there are 2 key ingredients. Firstly, practice is essential; with hard work, dedication and repetitive behaviour, improvement is inevitable. Secondly, listening to and taking on board the wisdom and experience of others brings insider knowledge from people who have already mastered the skills that you are learning.

At Sendy Gear, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences with our customers. We love bringing new riders into our community, providing advice and recommendations where possible alongside MTB clothing and accessories that are practical, safe and stylish.

Accessories That You Should Never Leave Home Without

Especially when starting out in mountain bike riding, there are certain things & accessories that you should never leave home without. Sendy Gear provides customers with high quality and affordable products for both children and adults in one place! Here are some items to take with you on all trips.

Mountain bike knee guards

Supplying quality and durable yet comfortable MTB knee guards, Sendy Gear ensures protection the whole day through without restricting performance.

MTB gloves

Our range of MTB gloves provides customers with comfort, extra grip and smartphone compatibility. With a selection of colours and styles, and designs inspired by the environment, whether you are looking for something sleek or a funkier design, we can deliver.

A good quality helmet

When embarking on any mountain bike ride, whether a casual ride or practising your skills, a sturdy, protective helmet should accompany you.

A hydration backpack

Once you have caught the MTB bug, it is easy to lose track of time and forget to hydrate. Sendy Gear’s hydration backpacks are a great accessory as the handy tube provides the ability to hydrate on the move.

Long sleeved clothing

Depending on the type of trail you are riding, long sleeve jerseys are advisable. On loose terrain, long sleeves protect against rocks flicking up and during the hot Australian summer, they also protect from the strong UV rays.

Ensuring you have these items with you when riding provides the foundation for success. Safety and taking care to avoid injury is of the utmost importance when riding and enables the fun to continue day after day and ride after ride.

Sendy Gear is Here for You

When beginning a new hobby or interest, let nothing hold you back. Sendy Gear provides protective clothing and accessories for all conditions and rides; whether speeding down your first gravity trail, gaining height on your jumps, perfecting your berm skills or simply on a relaxed family ride - we are with you.

Alongside our love for mountain bike riding, we are also focused on caring for the environment and delivering fantastic products in a sustainable manner. When riding, nature is our playground, and it is important to take as much care of it as possible in our daily lives. Purchase from Sendy Gear, and you can ride confident in the knowledge that your products are sourced in an eco-friendly manner and that a percentage of your money is donated to causes that help to maintain our planet.

Grab Your Sendy Gear and Go!

Every expert was once a beginner. Through practice, determination and a few helpful tips along the way, you will be tearing up the trail in no time.