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The Top 5 Bike Trails in New South Wales

Every mountain biker chases new and exciting trails to get the adrenaline pumping and the senses bursting. Our top 5 trails in New South Wales are Thredbo Mountain Bike Park, Jindabyne, Ourimbah State Forest, Awaba Bike Park and the Green Valleys MTB Park. Here we will outline why they are our favourites and why every bike fanatic; regardless of skill level, should visit.

Let’s Look at These Trails in More Detail

A good mountain bike trail is made up of certain key components. Predominantly, the track should flow with snappy turns, roller coaster sections and provide the ability to easily maintain speed. Discover below, our 5 top trails in New South Wales.

Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Offering gravity trails, cross-country trails, MTB parks and more, Thredbo is perfect for all skill levels. With a chairlift to carry riders back to the top of the gravity trails, the adrenaline-fuelled fun is endless! Trails vary from 5km to 35km one way promising a day of adventure for everyone. It is easy to see why Thredbo is one of the top bike parks that NSW has to offer.


The variety of trails that Jindabyne offers provides bikers with many hours of excitement. An increasingly popular destination for mountain bikers in the last decade, there are trails to suit everyone whether beginner or advanced. With trails located in the countryside around Lake Jindabyne, riders are treated to beautiful views as they shred the track.

Ourimbah State Forest

A favourite amongst many NSW bikers is Ourimbah State Forest. With longer trail loops of up to 30km in distance accompanied with smaller stunt trails, the possibilities are endless. Whether improving your skills or opting for an enduring ride, Ourimbah has variety for everyone.

Awaba Bike Park

The 12km single track loop at Awaba Bike Park welcomes an abundance of riders each year. Complimented for being a flowing track, top riders can complete the loop in under 45 minutes! For downhill rides, Awaba offers 2 trails and also provides development tracks for children - plenty of fun for all the family.

Green Valleys MTB Park

Located in Tongarra around an hour south of Sydney, Green Valleys MTB Park is situated amongst hectares of forestry making it the perfect location for adrenaline-fuelled bike trails! Playing host to freeride events and downhill races, the Green Valleys attract riders from around the country with fanatics testing their skills and speed.

Ensure Safety and Style With Quality Clothing

Due to the nature of our top 5 trails, some extra safeguarding is recommended. Long sleeved jerseys provide extra protection to the arms from rocks and branches as well as shielding from the powerful Australian sun. Other protective gear such as elbow padding, knee padding and gloves are good allies for any ride.

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Where Will Your Next Adventure Take You?

Once you have shopped with Sendy and have all of the MTB gear, including your hydration backpack, mountain bike shorts, mountain bike jersey and your mountain bike gloves, the only question that remains is - which of our 5 top trails will you try first?